Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Yahoo! Answers Get Failed.


What the hell?


joegrimjow berkata...

sape2 pon boleh kot bg jawapan n vote
ape lagi
bg la jawapan mengarut2 lgi

Ain Butterscoth berkata...

kdg2 bkn ley pakai pon yahoo answer ni pon...

farenova berkata...

whoaaaa, this is soo bad, what if the person follow his/her advice.. huhuhu

noor afzan berkata...

saya juga nak sebut benda sama..

LIZ; berkata...

'my wife beats me, i can't get away!'????

haih. nak gelak tapi kesian pulak.

ahmad berkata...


noin berkata...

muahahhaha =D
soklan last paling lawok~
sengal gaban :p

Judiene berkata...

what the hell la..
can't trust Yahoo! anymore

Mimpi berkata...

Well....Yahoo! Answer tidak mempunyai badan penapis soalan mahupun penapis jawapan.
Ye ke?

Mr K berkata...

Thx for commenting guys. Im kinda buzy to reply. Sorry =)

Nurul Harun berkata...


Cpija berkata...

hahaha... lawak gila soalan budak yg last 2... sempat lagi nak tnya sdgkan api dah marak.. haha.. ptutlah org jwb pun mcm budu2..


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