Khamis, 18 Februari 2010

Brit Award 2010


Max your speaker. Put off your ears but this. Feel it. 'Touch' it (In your dreams).Yes. She is damn hot. 'Look' at her voice. 'Look' at her voice. So unbelievable. She is khunsa probably. But that is not the only gift she got. Gift? Wtf. Haha!

Lady Gaga, why the hell you are so cute.


kim berkata...

Ya suara Lady GaGa agak kejantanan sedikit. Betul eh dia khunsa? Rasa macam ye = ="

Jard The Great berkata...

warghh.. hang suka lady gaga? ehehehhe..

Mimpi berkata...

Dah lama gua tak layan Lady Gaga...tapi sebab ko promote..
layan je.

norain ishak berkata...

lagu lady gaga sumanyer best kot..paling best gaga Oh lala ar..

joegrimjow berkata...

jeles x klu ku bgtau yg pernah pergi concert die?

sempat lgi klu nak join
joinjoin jommm


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