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As known, people give more credibility to advertorial and editorial content compared to the paid advertisements. After all, anyone can claim that their own product is the best. But the advertorial content suggests that someone else has endorsed your product or service to more justified.

Thus, is currently looking for personal or any type of well established business and company products to promote and advertise them by a blog post.

The Blog Traffic

Based on the Google Statistic, this is my blog traffic:
Daily Page View : 18,000 in average
Unique Visitor : 13,000 in average
Monthly Page view : 560,000 in average

The Advertorial
For every advertorial, the product / business / plan / brand will be reviewed by a blog post that consists of:
Quality entry (Blog post).
Minimum of 5 paragraphs.
Two (2) days as the latest blog post.
5 days at the front page of the blog.
In Bahasa or English.
Honest review as request.
The blog post will not be deleted after the end of the session.

Rate of Advertorial
The rate of the advertorial can be negotiate. Please name your price range and any request about the advertorial. :)

Must be paid on Ringgit Malaysia (RM-Bank In) or USD (Paypall) only.

Interested? Email me TOKhairul(at)


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