Khamis, 18 Mac 2010

Quote of The Day : Life is Not Fair.


Never regret. Life is good. When it is nice, it is beautiful. When it is not, it is the remarkable experience.

But still, life does not care how hell and how good you are. It gives the unfairness when it wants to.

Direct from Tumblr.


CAHAYA berkata...

that's life! kalau semuanya fall mengikut citarasa kita, bukan life kot. itu fairy tale. sekali sekala, life juga surprise kan kita dengan sesuatu yg kita x jangka. it's life!

amalina berkata...

assalamualaikum bro. kalau rajin, baca blog guaa. entry yang latest tu respond dari entry bro yg "kenapa takkan ada boys over flowers malaysia". kalau rajin la kaan.

akhis berkata...

experience is the best teacher

.khai. @ drcomot berkata...

terbaik la mr K.

erwinator berkata...

Life is fair because it's unfair to everyone. lol! :-p

starsyeea berkata...'s life it or die...nice one mrK...thumbsup!

Mimpi berkata...

Take life as a challenge.Enjoy it!

Mohd Shahrul Hafizi berkata...


Kadangkala kita di atas, kadangkala kita di bawah.

*~ aRaBeLLa ~* berkata...

suke quote yg kat header blog ko tuh...=)

Nurul Harun berkata...

well..what can i say? :p

p/s : kalau rajin, mari la tgk entri terbaru nurul.

noor afzan berkata...

itulah hidup..
tanpa sedar ia berlaku seperti mana yang kita corakkan..


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