Selasa, 23 Mac 2010

Kenapa Lelaki Jarang Jadi Doctor Love


Girl Advice

Girl : He said he does not like you? You know what, He would only say that if he was really in love with you.

Girl is supportive.

Guy Advice

Guy : She said she does not like you? That is rough. Best to move on. Did she says anything about me?

Guy is a good motivator.


Mimpi berkata...

Guy amik kesempatan.

joegrimjow berkata...

also good listener

dila john berkata...

haha. lelaki tak lepaskan peluang.

.khai. @ drcomot berkata...

betul tu(:

Siti Nur Aminah berkata...

sikap perempuan untuk sentiasa mnjaga hati dan menyedapkan hati

Nurul Harun berkata...

hahaha, memang kurengg..pfft.

Judiene berkata...

kalo dah lelaki tu lelaki jugak

CAHAYA berkata...

Ada je lelaki jadi dr love. Tu razzi rahman tu. tulis novel dan buku pasal cinta semua.

noor afzan berkata...

nasiblah jadi pompuan..=)


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