Rabu, 7 September 2011

PETRONAS SayaSuka Malaysia


PETRONAS SayaSuka Malaysia:
Unique online video contest captures true celebratory spirit of Merdeka


What makes Malaysia Malaysia? What do Malaysians love about their country?

Is it the nasi lemak? Mum’s home cooking? The wonderful “Muhibbah” spirit amongst the races? Hanging out with friends over “teh tarik”? The “tapir”? The orang utan? Or is it the “scientifically proven” fact that Malaysia has the prettiest girls in the world?

These were some of the creative answers from Malaysians captured in video in a heart-stirringand entertaining campaign.

To celebrate the spirit of Hari Merdeka amongst Malaysians, PETRONAS has created a unique online platform for Malaysians to express their feelings of pride and joy. Titled “PETRONAS Saya Suka Malaysia” (a play on the “like” button in Facebook) this contest was devised and executed by Zenith Media and runs from 23 August to 12 September 2011. Participation is simple: Malaysians are asked “what do they love about Malaysia” and the videos of their answers will be available for all to watch and vote.The top five videos with the highest votes will each receive RM5,000.

The rakyat was invited to email their videos, or to be present at certain locations where celebrities were present with camera crews to conduct interviews. Celebrities include famous actress Cheryl Samad, renowned local Chinese DJ K.K. Wong, and actor/comedian/singer Indi Nadarajah.

The response to the contest has been extraordinary: in 1 week, about 300 individual videos are available online at the PETRONAS Saya Suka Malaysia tab on Facebook. Over 600,000 views of these pages in less than 1 week, coupled with over 15,000 new fans for PETRONAS means that the simplicity of PETRONAS SayaSuka Malaysia has touched the hearts of many Malaysians.

The term Saya Suka Malaysia is also spontaneously gaining ground on Twitter, and has become a popular hashtag, indicating that the concept has connected with the consumer. You can also tweet your views on what you love about Malaysia, just add the #sayasukamalaysia to share your happiness.

So to feel the true spirit of Merdeka, to watch some entertaining videos and to cast your vote (who knows, you may see your friends’ videos there!) do visit the PETRONAS Saya Suka Malaysia page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/petronas1 (or search Petroliam Nasional Berhad, and click on “Saya Suka Malaysia” tab).


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