Ahad, 21 Februari 2010

Aku Cuma Nak Bagi Tau 22 : Cinta (Bahagian 2)


The moon and the impossibility

Many people say, "Don’t ever stay with a guy/girl who makes you cry cause the one who is, won't ever do so”.

But I've learned that on one night, when the moon asked me "If he/she hurts and makes you cry so much why don’t you leave him/her?"

I would answer... "Moon, could you ever leave your sky after what the sky did to you?"

I bet the moon will speechless then. 

Favorite. A realy-really great song.

Sometimes, we simply forgive someone because we still love and need them in our life.

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  1. sometimes its our choice to cry over someone we love, not bcoz of what they do to us
    try not to cry next time, and if you feel like crying, slap him/her instead
    you'll feel better

  2. Cinta yang ada tangisan barulah cinta yang mencabar.

  3. nice quote..
    conversation with moon..

    sayapun pernah buat dia menangis sekali..
    tapi dia buat saya nangis berkali-kali..
    but, dari air mata itulah kita lebih kenal siapa dia..
    dan siapa kita di mata dia..

  4. Bercinta, kalau xde menangis, bukan bercinta,
    x ade yg sempurna,
    bler menangis baru tahu, nilai seseorg tu..

  5. ...and sometimes, we need to ignore the love just to live up our life.

  6. aku pernah menangis...
    n dyer pernah menangis lepas dengar aku menangis...

    kadang2 menangis tu bleh wat dyer lebih paham ttg perasaan kita...

  7. "Sometimes, we simply forgive someone because we still love and need them in our life."


  8. wohoo lagu bestbest!

  9. best2..this entry quite meaningful sket.


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